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Drying equipment

What is drying and slow drying?

How to achieve required results?

Slow drying – a slow process of dehydration of the product in natural or artificial conditions in the temperature up to 28°C.

Main products of slow drying are:

  • whole fish snacks,
  • fish fillet snacks,
  • stuffing snacks,
  • seafood snacks.

Slow drying of fish:

During slow drying of fish the meat hardens, fat is relocated, the product acquires special taste and becomes fit to eat. Often “classic” river fish is taken (bream, roach, vobla). Fit to eat, and above all, tasty product can be obtained only when the temperature is 15-28°C, relative humidity 40-60% and air speed 0,5-5m/s. In natural conditions the process lasts 7-14 days, depending on the product size and fat.

Snacks are small portions of food intended for quick usage and with long shelf life.

Fish snacks and stuffing snacks are the most nutritious.

Stuffing snacks, proposed by our company, have the following advantages:

  • mixing stuffing of fish with different fat content,
  • possibility to create flavours,
  • adding antioxidants,
  • quick and even drying,
  • different portioning of dried stuffing.

The most important thing during preparing stuffing snacks is to provide even air flows above the stuffing and to control the velocity of the air as well as the temperature and the humidity. It makes for lowering the level of water in the snack up to 40% within 11-12 hours.

Creating optimal conditions for preparation of slow drying fish and snacks of 38-45% humidity is possible only in special devices with climatic system installed.

We create technologies and equipment for dried and slow dried fish and seafood.

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