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Cooking & Smoking Chambers

Purpose: Smoking and cooking chamber manufactured by our company is an appliance intended for thermal treatment of food products such as:

  • Meats,
  • Fish,
  • Cured meat products,
  • Poultry,
  • Cheese.

All the processes are programmed, automated and controlled by a set of sensors which are standard equipment of every chamber. Some parameters of the chamber can be controlled manually.

Chamber is multifunctional due to its structure and equipment and allows to subject processed products to the following processes:


  • hot smoking and cold smoking (additional option),
  • drying,
  • browning,
  • cooking,
  • roasting,
  • cooling (additional option).


Horizontal system of air distribution

We can supply chambers with variable horizontal air circulation system. They are used with products put on trays (e.g. fish or soya products).  


Climatic system

Jugema chambers can be fit with additional equipment allowing product maturation and drying in low temperatures. Optimal climatic conditions for particular products can be created mounting and integrating the machine with special ventilation system.


Automatic and semi-automatic cleaning system

Smoking and cooking chambers are equipped either with automatic or semi-automatic cleaning system.

In automatic cleaning system pump with cleaner is connected to the water supply of the factory. The operator only chooses elements of the chamber to be cleaned.

In semi-automatic cleaning system compressed air is used. The operator refills the tank and chooses elements of the chamber to be cleaned.


This appliance is intended to work with smoke trolleys of 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 2000 mm.

Jugema can offer chambers to work with trolleys of 830 mm x 700 x 1600 mm. They are for User who produce smaller quantities like eating places or processing plants being supply base of mercantile units.



We produce different types of trays for trolleys and rods to hang products.




Due to modular construction of chambers we can offer single and multi-trolley versions.


Making: stainless steel, silicone sealing, acid-proof heating elements.


Steering: microprocessor, 99 programs of treatment (i.e. browning, drying, smoking, cooking, roasting in the temperature up to 120°C, process parameters registration, computer co-operation).


Chambers are delivered as complete units needing power connection only.


Attention! We manufacture chambers In the following versions:

  • with electric heating (KWE),
  • with oil heating (KWO),
  • with gas heating (KWG),
  • with steam heating (KWP).



Chamber size Dimensions
L [mm] H [mm]
  electricity oil/gas steam
1 trolley 1600 2800 2990 2900
2 trolley 2850
3 trolley 4050
4 trolley 5250


Chamber size Supply for heating system in chambers
  electricity gas steam oil
  GZ-50 liquid 8-10 bar 0,5 bar  
kW m3/h kg/h kg/h kg/h dm3/h
1 trolley 30 4,0 3,0 55 50 3,0
2 trolley 60 8,0 6,0 110 100 5,5
3 trolley 90 12,0 9,0 165 150 8,0
4 trolley 120 16,0 12,0 220 200 10,0


Should you have any questions about this product, do not hesitate to contact us clicking on the link below


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