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Roasting Сhambers

A roasting chamber is similar to a standard cooking & smoking chamber, but the only difference is it is assigned to roasting at temperatures up to 200°C. Moreover, it has a double thermal insulation of mineral wool.

It consists of the following elements:

  1. Actual chamber.

  2. Engine and a main ventilator, where the task of the ventilator is to force air circulation, whereas the engine is placed in a special way in order to avoid failures resulting from very high temperatures generated by heaters. Also the construction of a head is adjusted to working in such conditions.

  3. Set of electric heaters placed in a working chamber is the source of heat as in a standard chamber

  4. Extracting and ventilating system is installed under the working chamber

  5. Electric steering which allows for steering all processes with the use of a microprocessor. It has a capacity of programming 50 different methods of processing.

A roasting chamber has the following technological processes:

  • dry roasting,

  • roasting with moistening,

  • overheating with over-drying.

During all processes the set temperature is maintained due to the work of heating elements and a thermoregulation system. Moreover, we offer roasting chambers where heaters are placed under each shelf, i.e. over separate batches of goods.

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