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Standard Cooking Boilers

Professional boilers of Jugema production are multifunctional appliances for heat treatment of food products and much more. They are used mainly in meat processing plants for cooking products and cooked meat as well as melting fat. Multi-functionality of our boilers is a result of wide range of options and configurations which you can choose from. We owe such capabilities, firstly, to our extensive experience, we have gained throughout all those years, but to knowledge of our qualified staff as well.

Design: The whole boiler is constructed in acid-proof steel with silicone sealing. Regardless of a version, direct heating is used, i.e. in an oil coat which guarantees uniformity of heating and prevents from burning product. The lid and the container are thermally insulated. Every appliance is equipped with a microprocessor controller that enables to control set temperature, waiting time, working time and temperature of the core, provided that the process requires it. Kettle and lid are thermally isolated.

We build boilers in versions with electric, gas, oil or steam heating, as well as we offer a number of size variants.

Main parameters of produced machinery are as follows:


Shape and size:

Standard version:



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