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Cooking Boilers with hydraulic unload

Cooking boiler with hydraulic unload was designed so as to unload cooked products easily, safely and automatically.

Cooking boilers with hydraulic unloading

Professional boilers of our production are multifunctional devices for heat treatment of food products and more. The cooking boiler with hydraulic unloading is designed to be emptied of cooked products in a safe, easy and automatic way. This is mainly due to the experience we have gained over the years, but also to the knowledge of our qualified staff.

Design: The entire boiling pan is made of acid-resistant steel with silicone as sealing material. Regardless of the version, indirect heating is used, i.e. in an oil jacket, which guarantees the uniformity of heating and prevents products from burning. The lid and the tank are thermally insulated. Each device is equipped with a microprocessor controller allowing for control of the set temperature, waiting time, operating time and core temperature - if required by the process. The bottom of the working vessel is made of 5mm thick material.

The boilers are manufactured in versions with electric, gas, oil or steam heating. We also offer a range of size variants from 300 to 2000 litres.

- the unit is entirely made of acid resistant steel,
- bottom 5mm thick,
- hydraulic opened lid,
- Controller by German company ADITEC,
- oil jacket (indirect heating).


 Control panel

ADITEC computer:


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