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Electric Frying Pan

Making: Working bowl is constructed entirely in stainless steel and thermally insulated both at the periphery and underneath the bottom. Welded outpouring directing vanes for spout are the integral part of the bowl. Body of the pan is made of profile and put on 4 adjustable feet. Elements of the mixer inside the bowl scrape off the bottom and the sides. Positioning of the scrapers guarantees full cover of the bottom of the container. Single scraper is equipped with Teflon scraping elements which are replaceable. Steering system has temperature and work regulation. Temperature change is done using pan bottom temperature sensor. Additional sensor protects heaters from overheating.

Technical properties:

Container volume: 460 l

Container working volume: 300 l

Installed generation capacity:

  • heating system: 8 heaters of 7,2 kW = 57 kW,

  • mixer gear-motor: 1,1 kW, 9 rpm,

  • hydraulic power supply: 1,1 kW.


Length: 2200 mm,

Width: 1800 mm,


  • working height: 1050 mm,

  • with open lid (split lid version): 2100 mm.

Weight: 900 kg

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