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Dyeing Chambers

Design: appliance is built as a compact unit with a system of lifting and rotating the product during the process. The colouring agent is constantly homogenized in the container with a circulation system mounted on the side of the chamber. The appliance was designed in such a way that allows efficient and fast emptying and washing of the fluid administration and pump-spray systems. It is important due to physical and chemical qualities of the colouring agent.

Usage: product loaded into the chamber is hanged on a special cart. The construction of the cart allows separating the product from the chassis. By dint of that, the chamber load system can leave the soiled chassis of the cart and take to the processing area only its carrying part. It is done in order to follow hygienic requirements, since the colouring agent is used in closed cycle.

After setting the cart in the working position, rotation and colouring begin by the program stored in memory of the controller.

Control: processes in the chamber occur automatically and are controlled by a microprocessor controller from ADITEC, which allows, inter alia, to work with time delay function or to fully register parameters of the process.

Dimensions of a dyeing chamber for carts of 1000mm x 1000mm x 2000mm:


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