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Climatic & Ripening Chambers


The chamber operates as a closed, air conditioned system and is independent of the climatic conditions and works with autonomous power demand. Nevertheless, the chamber may also use fresh air. It depends on the type of the production. Basing on the experience there was developed the microprocessor climate control system. The optimal climate may be adjusted depending on the type of the product placed and desired range of maturing. The chamber operates providing the optimal climate and avoids extensive energy consumption thanks to increasing of the true value of both high and low set point (end point). Minimal and maximal temperature and humidity values are active functions. Power failure stops the chamber, however, thanks to the built in battery, once set values and boundary values are stored in the memory thus the chamber continues ordinary operation when the power supply is restored.

Air preparing unit

Air preparing unit and the central chamber of air preparing and mixing are manufactured of acid resistant steel and are placed in the processing area (on request they may be installed outside). The air sucked in by the system of air ducts passes through a cooling evaporator (cooler) where it is refrigerated or dried and then again warmed up by a heat exchanger, if necessary. In a transient unit the air is humidified, if necessary. Next, the prepared air is passed with a fan again through the channel system to the processing area. Cooling and drying is carried out in a stainless cooler while heating in a heater or a heat exchanger made of acid resistant steel (powered with low pressure steam or hot water). Specially installed fan, with a three-phase current engine for two-stage air circulation is a drive of the device the higher capacity of which may be used for faster drying.

Air duct system

Air duct system fully manufactured of acid resistant steel consists of two air supply ducts and depending on the width of the room, two or more ducts of air suck in. Uniform air distribution is guaranteed by the adjustable air throttling valve placed in the air ducts. Adjusting of air slots installed in the air supply ducts is carried out referring to the size of the chamber or the volume of the circulating air. Depending on the size of the processing area there is applied alternate air supply (circulation).

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