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Work tables

The most important feature distinguishing our stainless steel furniture from the others is its quality and durability. Jugema products are fully welded, not screwed unlike the majority. Screwing has become the most popular way of assembling due to reduced costs related to manufacturing. However, such furniture loses durability over time.

The second important aspect is the quality of used chromium-nickel steel intended for contact with food with the tagging as per norms:


X5 CrNi 18 10




Basic work table version in our trade offer, depending on length, is:

Work table with 4 legs:

Work table with 6 legs:

both types are available in the following versions:

- central,

- wall (4 cm table rim).


Versions with a shelf or without are available, too. When the shelf is not fitted, legs of the table are joined with a profile to make the furniture more stable:


Additional options:

Different combinations of tables with cupboards, shelves and drawers fitted under the top can be made, too.


Sample production:

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