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Bain-maries of Jugema production are made in high-quality chromium-nickel stainless steel as per norms:


X5 CrNi 18 10




Technology used in bain-maries allows to maintain high temperature of food and eliminates scorching due to an applied water jacket. Additionally, the temperature inside the device can be controlled in the range 0-90°C using temperature knobs. All Jugema bain-maries, by default, have space adapted to 1/1GN 200 (separated by a special moulding) and 2-4 containers depending on the size of the device. All bain-maries are available in the following versions:


- low, on feet:

- on feet with a shelf:

- on wheels with a shelf:

Another convenience are bain-maries models with separated containers which allow to heat many dishes in different temperatures. In order to do that, each container has an individual temperature knob installed.


All bain-maries are equipped with a valve to drain water from the device which facilitates a great deal washing and usage of the appliance.

We manufacture special tailor-made furniture as well. For more details, please, contact our staff.

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