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Automatic dehairer lines

Throughput of the dehairer is up to 200pcs/h based on needs. Its arrangement, tank size and water heating system is adapted for user's capabilities.


Technical characteristics:

Nominal efficiency 70-200pcs/h
Max carcass weight 300 kg
Dehairing time of 2pcs approx. 30 s
Rated voltage 3/N/PE/AC 400/230V
Tank capacity 1500-10000 dm3


Tank drive:

Tank KT 5 kW
Main dehairer S-150/1 13,2 KW
Finishing deharer S-150/2 13,2 KW
Max demand for heating system 60-360 kW
Gas usage for singeing system 3 m3/pcs


Automatic dehairer lines (PS…) can be assembled from the following elements:

  • scalding tank (KT…) witch automatic conveying,
  • main arterial dehairer (S-150/1 or S-100),
  • work table.


For higher throughput (over 160pcs/h) cascade system with 2 dehairers is used:

  • main arterial dehairer (S-150/1),
  • finishing arterial dehairer (S-150/2).


Optionally, in all the types on dehairers singeing system can be fitted.


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