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Jugema dehairer is an element of both the automatic dehairer line and the semi-automatic dehairer set. It serves as a carcass’ bristle cleaner using special rubber scrapers with razor blades mounted to the shaft which rotate it. The carcass is loaded automatically, then processed and in the end unloaded to the work table.


Regardless of the version the dehairer has default length. However, its width depends on the size of the kettle which affects productivity of the whole appliance.


Arterial dehairer consists of the following subassemblies:

a)      Carrier body

b)      Holding arm

c)      Loading arm

d)      Working shaft

e)      Shaft propulsion system

f)       Loading and unloading hydraulic system

g)      Control box

h)      Water spray system


Technical data:

Weight: approx 700 kg

Power supply: 3P+N+PE 400V

Highest power consumption: 5,2 kW

Dehairing shaft revolution: 122 RPM

Hydraulic oil: HL-46: 30 l

Max carcass weight: 220 kg

Dehairing time: 15-30 sec.

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