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Drying rooms

Jugema KS series rooms have been developed by Nesse Peterburg and Jugema P.P.U.H.

In this development both simplicity of use and operational reliability has been achieved.

The device has passed the tests twice in the polish factory and now it is working smoothly in several factories in Poland.


Research model, Poland, drying room Jugema KSE-2


Towards the and of June 2014 another drying room with 30t/mo. productivity (finished product) in the city of Tyumen was launched.

In the research on the room the following raw materials were used: roach, vendace, bream.

At the moment the product assortment has been diversifed with peled fish – the main dried product.


 Drying room, the city of Tyumenm, Jugema KSE-30 Klim


The equipment is designed for the Client's target room and taking into consideration needed load (productivity).

When the Buyer have submitted a request and a Product requirements document (PRD) with the information about the place the equipment will be installed, a sales proposal and all technical data will be sent to him.

Both Euro Standard pallets (1000 mm x 1000 mm x 2000 mm) and other standard pallets are suitable for work with the equipment. 

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