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Steering: Aditec microprocessor (80 programs, 20 steps for each program). Easy to use steering control unit with programmable memory is suitable for every technological process of the defroster. All important information about the processes is presented on the display.

Humidification system: appliance has small water parts spraying system, humidity range 80-98%.

Constant insight into set and real-time parameters:

  • regulation of all temperatures,

  • regulation of air flow speed,

  • regulation of humidity,

  • time regulation of each cycle


  • air unit (electrical heaters and circulation fan) is set in ventilation compartment, outside the defrost chamber,

  • air ducts made of stainless steel,

  • electric air heating,

  • chamber equipped with air circulation fan (of stainless steel) with constant automatic speed regulation,

  • bumpers,

  • special hermetic doors with a small window

Air flow movement inside defroster:

1 stage: left-hand 0%, side right-hand side 100%,


2 stage: left-hand side 25%, right-hand side 75%,


3 stage: left-hand side 50%, right-hand side 50%,


4 stage: left-hand 75%, side right-hand side 25%,


5 stage: left-hand 100%, side right-hand side 0%.


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