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Cooking Сhambers

Komory_parzelniczePurpose: cooking chambers are used for thermal processing such as cooking and pasteurization, where the energy medium is steam.

Design: cooking chambers have modular construction. That means the multi-cart versions are built from single-cart modules. Each module has circulating fan and a system of throttles for intake and output of air. Because of that the air circulation forced by fans ensures identical thermal processing conditions throughout the chamber. Reversing of the throttles allows emptying the chamber before opening the door. This prevents the steam from being released outside, ensuring the comfort in proximity of the chamber.  

Control: Processes in the chamber occur automatically. All of them are controlled by the microprocessor controller from ADITEC. It allows delayed start of the processing and full recording of the process’ parameters. The course of pasteurization or cooking process can be presented in the form of printed chart guaranteeing the correct course of thermal processing.

Thermal processing can be conducted within set time or to a set temperature inside the product.

Attention! We produce chambers in the following variants:

• electric heating (KWE),

• oil heating (KWO),

• gas heating (KWG),

• steam heating (KWP).

Technical details of cooking chambers for carts 1000mm x 1000mm x 2000mm:





Chamber size Dimensions
L [mm] H [mm]
  electricity oil/gas steam
1 trolley
1600 2800 2990 2900
2 trolley
3 trolley
4 trolley




Chamber size Supply for heating system in chambers
  electricity gas steam oil
  GZ-50 liquid 0,5 bar  
kW m3/h kg/h kg/h dm3/h
1 trolley
30 4,0 3,0 50 3,0
2 trolley
60 8,0 6,0 100 5,5
3 trolley
90 12,0 9,0 150 8,0
4 trolley
120 16,0 12,0 200 10,0

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