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Cooking Boilers with hydraulic unload

Cooking boiler with hydraulic unload was designed so as to unload cooked products easily, safely and automatically.

Unloading process starts with lifting the lid (Fig. 2). When fully lifted (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3

unloading by rotary lifting of the container with the product can proceed (Fig 4 & 5).


Fig. 5

Unloading system is built out of hydraulic power supply and actuators. The hydraulic power supply is located on the right-hand side of the boiler (Fig. 3 Pos. A), whereas the actuators on both sides of the boiler respectively (Fig. 3 Pos. A & B). A hydraulic power supply was used also for the lid propulsion.

In order not to damage the lid an electromagnetic sensor was installed (Fig. 8 Pos. 1& 2).



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